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As the number one destination for international students pursuing better education, career, and life opportunities abroad, the US is home to half of the world’s top 10 universities and hundreds more renowned, highly-ranked, and reputable colleges and institutions.

Students looking to study in the US have such a vast array of choices when it comes to courses, study level, location, budget, environment, and lifestyle that makes selecting the perfect institution a confusing and burdensome process. This is why EDF Admissions can help you navigate through procedural obstacles. 

Contact us and get reliable and valuable information, advice, and support necessary to actualize your dream of living and studying in the US. 

Why Study In United States?

With excellent infrastructure, highly ranked and research based universities, The United States of America is truly a land of opportunities. It offers not only the best undergraduate and graduate study options through its 4000+ universities but also numerous job opportunities at the top organizations in the world. Even so, if you need more reasons to study in USA, consider these facts:

Partnered Universities List:
  • Clark University, Massachusetts
  • University of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Northern Arizona University, Arizona
  • Bradley University, Illinois
  • Illinois State University, Illinois

ranging from STEM, finance, accounting, languages, music to art. Moreover, there is no better destination than the US if what you’re looking for are career-accelerating cutting-edge courses. Think blockchain, AI, cybercrime, stem cell technology, and more.

and choose the best course suited for you. It is not unusual for someone to choose a major in computer science with a minor in business or a major in finance with a minor in creative writing or, for the ambitious, even a double major in math and economics!

because the USA welcomes talent and diversity with open arms. There are a number of scholarships available for international students. While some may be funded by the government, others are funded by the institute. Likewise, many private organizations offer grants and bursaries.

Richly diverse US campuses accept students from various cultural, national and ethnic backgrounds not only to give the university a hospitable reputation but also to deepen students’ understanding of world cultures.

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